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“How can I leave this earth without writing about the immense gratitude I feel for having had the opportunity to be surrounded by the art that constantly enriches my heart, mind, and soul? Yes, the works of art are always on loan, for as we depart, we must always leave them for someone else to experience the joy we have felt to have them as our companions. May they continue to bring the curiosity and interaction that I have felt as I moved around the works hanging on my walls during different periods of my life.”
- Anne Baruch

Anne and Jacques Baruch 1978 Anne & Jacques Baruch
Rochester, NY, 1978

For decades, Anne and Jacques Baruch were passionate educators; illuminating the importance of art from Eastern and Central Europe and its contribution to 20th Century art. Today, art from Middle Europe can be found in museums, both major and small, universities, institutions, and corporate and private collections throughout the world.

Try to imagine Anne opening the door wide to invite you in to partake of the visual feast.