Our mission: share visual art from Eastern and Central Europe

The Baruch Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation, qualified as a 501(c)(3) entity.

Formed in 2008, The Foundation is comprised of Anne and Jacques Baruch's personal collection of artwork including photographs, prints, drawings, paintings, contemporary textiles and books. Their commitment to the art and artists from Eastern and Central Europe was unwavering for almost 40 years.

This web site is intended to further the mission of The Foundation by providing access to the art. The goals of The Foundation will be met by donating to museums and schools and funding scholarships and educational programs.

Although today's viewers will have neither the benefit of the rich aromas of Anne's always simmering stews and soups nor the intellectual nourishment always provided by the Baruchs' running commentary, they will be able to view the art in our online gallery.

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Inquiries about The Foundation may be made to any of its Directors:
Barry Gross
Barbara Kalwajtys
Merle Kharasch Gross
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Site Credits

Thank you to the following people for helping to realize Anne's dream of a virtual gallery which one may enter at any time and from any place on earth:
Matthew Rentschler and Greg Rentschler designed and created the website.
Photographer Aidan Fitzpatrick prepared the digital images of the artwork, except for the Jiri Anderle images designated Cincinnati Art Museum. The Cincinnati Art Museum generously provided digital images of the prints and drawings by Jiri Anderle, designated Cincinnati Art Museum, which are in the museum's permanent collection.